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Our Hairdressers

Owner/senior stylist

I’ve been a hairdresser for 30 years. I did my training in Dublin Ireland, then more training in Vidal Sassoon and Tony and Guy in London, before moving to Australia where I became a hairdressing teacher. After that I managed a John Morrey salon before opening my own in 1993. People have asked me if I will ever give hairdressing up, the answer is no. I still love to go to work everyday, I get to make my clients feel and look great. I have learned more in the last three years than in the ten years before because of all the new hair straightening systems that are now on the market; these can be found on our hair straightening page. What can you expect at Salone Embee? You can expect a warm friendly team, a high standard of workmanship and our 5 staff members who love what they do. We are not a big salon and we don’t want to be, it would spoil the ambiance we have and the closeness of our team.

owner/senior stylist

New Zealand born Bridgett Corcoran first began her career in hairdressing in Auckland where she entered and won numerous hair competitions ranging from styles, colour and hair ups. 12 years ago Bridgett moved to Melbourne and bought her own salon. Now having 20 years’ experience Bridgett has a great deal of knowledge about hair and how to achieve the perfect style for you. Having done many colour corrections in her time she understand all aspects to achieving the ideal colour, preventing blonde hair from turning yellow, working with fine hair and the best cut to suit your hair, lifestyle and personality. Having worked with hair extensions for most of her career she is also exceptional at customizing and applying the right hair extensions for you whether Bridgett is working with fine hair to add fullness or short hair to add length.

Senior Stylist

Salon Embee welcomed fully qualified Dee nearly 7 years ago.
Dee hands down has the best knowledge on any keratin treatment on the market. If she doesn’t know then she will make it her passion to research and discover.

Dee is constantly updated and trialing new keratin treatments in search of the best on the market.
Dee will tell and show you everything you need to know about caring for your colour during and after your keratin treatment whether it needs adjusting or just a simple toner to bring that clean blonde back. Once you have had your unruly frizzy, even unmanageable hair tamed by Dee your cut sometimes needs adjusting too suit your new beautiful easier to manage hair. Dee’s all over that too!!


  • If you have had keratin treatment and it hasn’t worked
  • If you had keratin and its ruined your colour
  • If your old style isn’t suiting your new keratin hair

Dee can sort this all out and even better.

Senior stylist

5 years in Mikayla is an exceptional colourist her eye for detail especially blondes is amazing, you’ll never see a blonde as beautifully executed and toned as one of Mikayla’s blondes.

Mikayla also has the strongest blow wave technique that keeps her medium-long hair clients coming back weekly. They can’t get enough of her.