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Olaplex is a revolutionary hair treatment product that allows hair to be lightened or coloured without the risk of breakage. This will allow you to have great natural looking hair in the colour that you desire. Olaplex is a truly original and unique product. It was developed with assistance from two of the world’s top PHD’s in Chemistry and Materials who had never before participated in the development of hair products. “Doctor Craig Hawker” and “Doctor Eric Pressly” contributed a fresh perspective on this project and collectively invented a special ingredient that is completely free of oils or silicon. The compounds that tangle broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical colouring, lightening and services. This makes your hair even stronger than it was before.

Olaplex has been tested by top celebrity colourists with fantastic results! It has been tested on every type of hair type with positive results regardless of how unique and unruly the clients hair. To date there have also been no negative reports about Olaplex whatsoever and that is incredible considering it has already been used on thousands of clients for more than a year. Olaplex is really safe and doesn’t have toxic ingredients that can damage you or your hair. This is really great news for you and your hair.

At Salon Embee we specialize in providing professional Olaplex treatments. It is one of the many fantastic modern services we can offer to our clients to help them achieve stunning results with their hair. Salon Embee is also one of the only salons in Melbourne with the experience and skill to offer this fantastic product to our clients. If Olaplex sounds like something that you might be interested in, you can contact us for more information or to book an appointment.