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Beverly May

Salon Embee has been using the Beverly May extensions for many years and has all the necessary skills and qualifications to bring the best out of this amazing product. Beverly May extensions give you a totally natural look. They are long-lasting, glue-free, chemical-free and affordable. Beverly May is revolutionising the hair extension market. This product is superior to anything currently available, due to it’s unique 3-product system designed to suit all hair types; including normal, ultra fine and hair loss.


TRUtips is a hair application system by Beverly May which involves directly applying lengths of hair at anchor points to allow for seamless extension of your hair. The system involves no chemicals or glues, so it will not damage your natural hair so long as you take care of it. We can provide TRUtips in a shade and volume that will suit your hair colour and type. TRUtip extensions can be treated just like your normal hair, meaning they can be styled and coloured without losing their great condition. They drape just like naturally long hair and provide you with an authentic look which is quite hard to achieve naturally.


TRUskin is a hair extension application method that involves attaching single lengths of hair at anchor points to help achieve a volume and length which looks beautiful and natural. They can be heat-styled and coloured just like natural hair and the application process is completely glue and chemical-free, so it will not damage your natural hair. We attach and layer the TRUskin extensions to suit the individual shape of your head and we attach these against your scalp so your real hair can drape over the extensions providing a seamless integration that is almost impossible to detect.
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